Curbside Cycle

  • The Back to School SALE is BACK!

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  • Closed for Simcoe Day, and...

    On Monday, August 4, we'll celebrate John Graves Simcoe by taking the day off (yes, we'll be closed), but we'll be celebrating the weekend and week following by having a sweetheart of a sale in his honour. On Simcoe bikes! (And folks, that never happens!). We're doing this for you, John! 

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  • A Raleigh Great Sale!

    Ah, the dog days of summer. Time to pack up the car, head North or wherever and clear your head over ice cold drinks and good company. But, chances are good you'll need to escape even the best of company. Those country roads and forest trails beckon you to unwind and re-energize. We've selected five great Raleigh bikes to either take with you on holiday, or for a Toronto stay-cation. 

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  • A Love Letter to the Chainguard

    Dear Bicycle Industry, 

    We think you probably owe us at least one pair of pants. Or at least, several gallons of laundry soap. In our visions we see ourselves gliding through Toronto like we were in Copenhagen, dressed as though we are off to a dinner-party, but instead we're taking a taxi. A taxi doesn't spray oil all over our clothing, but for some reason our bicycles do. A visit to a recent bike store revealed that it's not our bike that's the problem, but rather the cyclist! Apparently, even on five minute trips to the grocery store we're supposed to dress like a spandex superhero. Riding a bike requires a change of clothes? No wonder people are still paying for such high priced gasoline. 

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  • Got the Gardiner Blues? Unfold a solution!

    With the enormous construction projects, or lack thereof, on our roadways, we have come to require more civilized modes of transport. Never mind the decrease of four lanes to two on the Gardiner Expressway or the 401 being bungled up due to overflow from said construction, the modes of commuting into town are certainly limited, with one exception; The Go Train. It has been a formidable way for the fine folks living outside the city core to come into the city for work. 

    "Oh, but the Go Transit station is too far from my house to walk and my office is too far as well", you may challenge. And yes, we admit, trains can't get you door to door. This is what Transportation experts call the problem of the Last Mile. Owning a car to drive to the Go Station and taking a Taxi from the Station to work ends up being just as expensive and time consuming as driving. There is a solution, and it's fun. 

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  • Simcoe Bikes. (Beware: pictures of snow).

    Winters like the winter of 2014 are enough to leave Torontonians with weather-inflicted PTSD. So, why on earth would we post pictures of snow-covered bicycles as the sun finally embraces our poor defrosting skin? This is not an act of cruelty, it's a pitch for the best city bike we've seen.

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  • Victoria Day holiday!

    After the first few crazy weeks of spring we are taking this Monday May 19th off to go riding.

    Have a happy and safe long weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday.

    Love Curbside

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  • Open on Good Friday!

    While many shops will close this Good Friday, we know that your bicycle still needs some TLC. We'll be here from 12pm to 5pm to help you get ready for the weekend. 

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  • Pure City Bikes Review

    After years of importing European city bikes we discovered that European city bikes are essentially locavore - regional solutions to regional problems. And, like anything locavore, that meant that there was little uniformity or universality in the solutions proposed. That meant we either got bikes that were simply too heavy or too light, too modern or too antique, and in all cases, far too expensive. Perhaps products reach some sort of universality when they arrive in the great melting pot of North America, we don't know - but we knew we needed a North American solution, and certainly something to appeal to the vast throngs of newly converted city cyclists. 

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  • Eli's Tune-Up Special!

    With our new repair shop renovated and ready to go and Spring right around the corner, bring your bike in RIGHT NOW to beat the rush, and save some bucks! Our legendary mechanic Eli is knocking $10 off the price of tune-ups and 10% off any parts until the end of March! Current turnaround times are 3-4 days, excluding weekends. 

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