• Open for Simcoe Day

        Attention Toronto: we're open for the WHOLE long weekend. That means Monday too, from 12PM-6PM! Come on down and take home a beautiful new ride. Oh and did we mention that Simcoe Signature 3 Speeds are on sale for $750? You better believe it. 
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      • Curbside x Babboe

        Here's a little video we made about Babboe. Big thanks to our customers who volunteered to spread the message!

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      • Brompton Challenge

        The Brompton Urban Challenge is two-wheeled folding bike adventure in Toronto. Challenges and clues will be secreted around the city at a number of check points, you will record your successes by photograph and then share them with the wider world by social media or email. There will be a variety of prizes to contest, but the most important thing will be to have fun!

        Racing, Scavenging, Folding ---- the Brompton Urban Challenge has a bit of everything for you and your team.

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    About us

    Curbside Cycle began - not surprisingly – by the side of the curb, nearly three decades ago. Back then we were just a slightly legal tent, a variety of ever-changing locations, and a pretty clear idea about what was missing in the market. Our focus, from the beginning on, was the neglected city cyclist. At the time we were one of many ragtag operations across North America turning old road bikes into flat bar bikes, a trend the bicycle industry later turned into a bike called the hybrid. Around the same time the hybrid was developed we finally acquired storefront in the much desired Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. Sure, we moved a couple feet away from the curb, but we always remained Curbside, a store dedicated to that strip of road beside the curb that the city cyclist occupies.

    Today, we're an institution in Toronto's Annex and a fixture in North America's rapidly emerging bike culture.

    Frustrated with the market dominance of adrenaline performance bikes we began importing proven, stylish, and simple city bikes from Europe - starting a supply chain that now spreads across the continent. In 2007 we started Fourth Floor Distribution, the first company in North America to bring real city bikes to the people. We imagined an all-inclusive barrier-free bike, a bike that is more like your car: comfortable, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and above all, something that is fashion forward - that keeps your clothing free of oil and grime. Hardly revolutionary, but then the best things usually aren't!


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